Wedensday, Aug 1 2018

Pictures from the great performance at Aarhus Jazz Festival by Århus Sinfonietta: https://jazzfest.dk/gallery.php?id=3021&l=da

Thursday, July 19 2018

Århus Sinfonietta will be performing my works SNAP! and Swinging at Aarhus Jazz Festival (Hotel Carmel, July 21 15:00) and Djurs & Mols (Kulturministeriet, Ebeltoft, July 27  15:00). I am very much looking forward to the performance which features a revised edition of Swinging, alongside new compositions by Julie Kjær and Lil Lacy. You can see more at www.facebook.com/aarhussinfonietta

Wednesday, April 25 2018

This week I had the first rehearsal with my new Gorm Askjær Trio with Jens Mikkel Madsen (b) and Thomas Eiler (dr). It’s been some time since I’ve performed my own music in this format, and so far it is looking (and sounding) promising ;-)

Monday, Feb 5 2018

Now you can watch a small video from my project The Story of A Building: Vandtårnet here on the page. It was a fun and rewarding collaboration with dancer Pernille Sørensen working with the physical space and stories surrounding The Old Watertower at Randervej in Aarhus. Hope to make more like this in the future.

Wednesday, Oct 25 2017

I’ve been quiet in here for a while, in part because of the new project I’ve been working on. But now it is finally here, and I am thrilled to perform The Story Of A Building: Vandtårnet on Sunday in collaboration with dancer Pernille Malou Konzack Sørensen. It involves, among other things, playing on water, paper, piano, banjo and a large surround setup with computer speakers. And to be performing at the old water tower is a true joy. Here you can see what the last rehearsal looked like...

The Story Of A Building: Vandtårnet

Now you can watch a short video about this project, which I made in collaboration with dancer Pernille Malou Konzack Sørensen in the old water tower at Randersvej in Aarhus.

It was a performance of sound and dance exploring the rooms and history of the iconic building.

A special thanks to Århus Akademi.

Supported by Aarhus Kommune, Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Komponistforening and Dansk Musiker Forbund.