Wednesday, Nov 6 2019

This week is for me filled with newly composed music - and I look forward to playing and recording with Gorm Askjær Secret Safari (Kasper Tranberg, Christian Vuust, Thomas Sejthen, Morten Nottelmann) - and not least for a concert at Jazzselskabet Aarhus Aarhus on Sunday, November 10 16:00 at Tir Na Nog Aarhus ... and I also look forward to the Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet premiering the saxophone quartet Skyggebilleder, which I have composed, at a concert at Dokk1 on Friday, November 8 17:00: https://dokk1.dk/det-sker/arrangements/38168…

Saturday, Sep 7 2019

Tonight we will be premiering ‘En Symfoni Til Pindstrup’ at Pindstruphallen 19:30. See you there!

Wednesday, Aug 21 2019

Working with the ensemble Lydenskab and author Ursula Andkjæ Olsen on music ad words connected to the town of Pindstrup, Djursland. The past week we’ve been hearing a lot of exciting stories about the town, the people, the factory, the nature etc. All of this will be part of the music piece ‘En Symfoni Til Pindstrup’, premiered on Sep

Thursday, Aug 8 2019

Working on a lot of exciting stuff at the moment. Right now on my table a saxophone quartet, and soon starting the project 'VORES HISTORIE GENFORTALT: En symfoni til et sted’ with the ensemble Lydenskab, writer Ursula Andkjær Olsen and the people of the good town Pindstrup, Djursland. We’ll be working with the stories and sounds of Pindstrup. It will be great fun ;-) Also, we are working on the release of a recording, we made in May with Gorm Askjær Trio. Always really nice to play with Jens Mikkel Madsen (bass) and Thomas Eiler (drums), and I am looking forward to sharing the music with everybody,

Monday, April 15 2019

On the 24th of this month I will be playing a gig with the legendary Madame Nielsen and the electronic wizard Mads Emil Nielsen at Café Hack in Aarhus. Poetry, sounds and improvisations. Will be very exciting.

The Story Of A Building: Vandtårnet

Now you can watch a short video about this project, which I made in collaboration with dancer Pernille Malou Konzack Sørensen in the old water tower at Randersvej in Aarhus.

It was a performance of sound and dance exploring the rooms and history of the iconic building.

A special thanks to Århus Akademi.

Supported by Aarhus Kommune, Statens Kunstfond, Dansk Komponistforening and Dansk Musiker Forbund.