The End. BIGband Revisited (2012)

for 12 old upright pianos & singing

Duration: 8 min

Part of a suite with compositions by Simon Toldam, Allan Graugaard Madsen og Kasper Staub for the project BIGband Revisited - a tribute to old, worn pianos.

Commissioned by Anders Ørbæk & Nis Hybel.

Premiered in 2012 as part of Ujazz during Aarhus Festuge.

Trigger Me!? (2009) for sinfonietta

Duration: 9 min

Piece where the the beautiful togetherness of ensemble playing is challenged and interrupted by 4 individual, improvising musicians who are triggered and turned on or off by certain sounds in the ensemble. Composed for a workshop session with Aarhus Sinfonietta.

Listen to an excerpt from Trigger Me!?

The Very First Dawn (2009)

for SATB, 4 upright basses, percussion and laptop

Duration: 9 min

Piece for choir and ensemble of basses, percussion and laptop. Part of the concert project Live Future at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus based on texts from 'The Futurist Manifesto'.

Premiered at Aarhus Festuge 2009.