a concert/performance by Gorm Askjær

…and certainly the glass was beginning to melt away,

just like a bright silvery mist.

- Lewis Carrol

In the sequel to Lewis Carrol’s story of Wonderland, Alice travels through a mirror into a new enchanted world. As the audience walks through the door to this performance, they enter a concert room, which along the way also transforms from the ordinary to the unusual.

The concert hall is equipped with small computer speakers around the audience and hanging over their heads. The audience also experiences home-built stringed instruments as well as sheet music that unfolds to form various simple sculptural figures that are reflected in the music.

The concert features both compositions based on reflections of physical movements, different uses of space or music which simply celebrates a good tune. An exciting total experience, which surprises and challenges both imagination and ears.

Composed and produced by Gorm Askjær

Music performed by

Jacob Danielsen - saxophone

Jonas Enevoldsen - saxophone

Ida Fuglerud - clarinet

Jens Bang - trombone

Christian T. Larsen - trombone

Malthe Volfing Højager - cello

Klara Skogqvist - cello

Gorm Askjær - guitar

Special thanks to:

Jacob, Jonas, Ida, Jens, Christian, Malthe, Klara, Simon Steen-Andersen, Niels Rønsholdt, Henrik Winther, Peter Just Rasmussen, Per Bach Hansen, Paolo Torquati, Thomas Qvist, The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Musikhuset Aarhus and of course Maria, Alfred and Naja.


Simon Gorm Eskildsen

Thomas Enemark Lundtofte

Edited by Simon Gorm Eskildsen

Sound recording:

Anders Ørbæk

Technical support:

Alex Mørch

Morten Elkjær

Jens Balder

Through The Looking-Glass premiered on 2. November 2014 at Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus.

From 3.-6. November 2014 elements from the concert was featured as an installation piece at Spor 2, Godsbanen.